Customized Skill Development Solutions for Sales Organizations

Vantage Enterprise Learning partners with Vantage’s Sales and Account Management Consulting Practice to help Sales organizations build enhanced competencies and drive measurable improvements in performance. We deliver highly customized sales training in the areas of contract negotiations with customers, customer relationship management, building internal alignment, and sales team development to maximize sales effectiveness and the organizational value Sales drives. Vantage Enterprise Learning’s solutions build on and can be integrated with any organization’s current sales process or methodologies.

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Ways we help our clients:

Negotiation iconSales teams today face an increasingly challenging sales environment. We provide training and proven methodologies and tools that help sales people get the most out of their procurement and end-user negotiations whether they be over a new contract, access, or delivering tough messages, like price increases. 

 Customer Relationship and Account Management: 
customer relationsManaging customer accounts is essential to the success of any sales professional. Vantage offerings help sales people and teams manage client demands and expectations, position themselves as “trusted advisors”, manage key influencers and decision makers, report the value they provide, and ensure successful implementation after a sale. 
 Sales Leadership & Teamwork:
leadership_salesLeadership needs to drive the processes and behaviors expected within the organization. Our enablement solutions, from equipping leaders to effectively coach their team to creating centers of excellence, will help leaders implement practices that will embed expectations into their team and organizational culture. 

  Internal Stakeholder Engagement & Alignment:
engagement alignmentSuccessful and strong sales professionals not only have great relationships with their customers, they are also able to work effectively within their own organizations – many say their internal negotiations are their hardest. Vantage provides a number of tools and strategies to help sales professionals navigate the internal challenges they face, and ensure the entire organization is able to move in lockstep toward its objectives. 

Example Areas of Application:

  •  Negotiating durable contracts to maximize value and ensure successful implementation 
  •  Working effectively with challenging procurement organizations  
  •  Managing difficult customer tactics and expectations 
  •  Strategically building and managing a portfolio of customer accounts  
  •  Strategically positioning individual customer negotiations within a broader market context 
  •  Understanding customer interests, and developing winning proposals to meet them 
  •  Understanding competitive and marketplace levers to take control of the sale 
  •  Developing product and service bundles to maximize competitive differentiation 
  •  Managing performance within sales teams 
  •  Differentiating products and services in the minds of customers 

Getting to YES with Procurement...Without Giving In

A customized training solution for sales professionals based on the principles first developed at Harvard University, and originally encapsulated in our best selling book Getting to YES: Negotiating Agreement Without Giving In.

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